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2020 Landuse Thoroughfare and Table

From Chapter 3 of the Lockhart 2020 Comprehensive Plan

The Land Use Element for Lockhart's Comprehensive Plan addresses the interrelated goals, objectives and policies that guide the future physical development of the City.  This chapter documents the results of data collection, analysis, findings and recommendations relating to existing and future land use; housing availability, condition and needs; and, annexation history and management.  This Element includes the Lockhart 2020 Land Use Plan and Lockhart 2020 Annexation Plan, which are the City's general plans for guiding future land use, development, and annexation.

The development of the Land Use Element involved the compilation of extensive data including previous plans and studies, analyses of existing conditions, and development of projections and forecasts for future development within the City and its ETJ. 

  • Residential Single Family - One family dwellings and associated uses
  • Residential Two Family - Two family dwellings and associated uses
  • Residential Multifamily - Multifamily dwellings such as apartments, rooming and boarding houses, dormitories and residence halls, and group quarters;
  • Manufactured Housing - Mobile home parks
  • Light-Medium Commercial - Wholesale trade, office uses, and other business uses
  • General-Heavy Commercial - Retail trade, hotels and motels
  • Industrial - Light manufacturing and warehousing uses
  • Agriculture - Cropland, orchards, and pasture
  • Public and Institutional - Public and semipublic areas including schools, churches, community facilities, and governmental uses
  • Parks and Recreation - Public and private parks and outdoor recreation areas
  • Streets - Roadway infrastructure
  • Vacant/Undeveloped - Open space and other urban areas that are not developed

Future Thoroughfare Landuse with Floodplain Zones PDF
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