Lockhart’s central location and superior highway transportation opportunities are believed to be the impetus for the explosion of growth in the area.  Located in the Growth Triangle and revered for its talent pool, the network opportunities with colleges and universities, and an easy commute to all of these throughout the region are all contributing factors.  Sixty percent of the workforce commutes to the metro areas, providing Lockhart with a well-educated and skilled workforce base to choose from. 

Lockhart is growing in all levels of development being actively involved with Entrepreneurship, Retail/Commercial Development, and Industrial/Manufacturing opportunities.  Housing starts exploded at the start of 2014 skyrocketing past previous year’s numbers.   The Lockhart 2020 Comprehensive Plan provides the road map preparing for the growth we are now experiencing.  It also ensures that we can retain our historic integrity, our hometown feel while experiencing and enjoying the growth.

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