Employment / Unemployment

Texas State University provides an ample supply of young well-trained talent to the regional workforce of 2 million within a 50-mile radius.

The target industry sectors identified by the Greater San Marcos Partnership (Hays and Caldwell Counties) are Advanced Manufacturing & Materials; Aerospace & Aviation; Clean Technology; Corporate & Professional Operations; Life Sciences; and Supply Chain Management are well served by Texas State and an additional 25 colleges and universities with a 50-mile radius. There are 125,400 students enrolled in a four-year colleges and universities within 100 miles.
Training Opportunities
Austin Community College will create instruction classes based on specific needs to hold them on site in by contract. The State of Texas offers workforce training grant programs that are intended for this purpose.

Gary Job Corps Center - The largest Job Corps center in the United States. It is a free education and training program that offers a comprehensive array of career development services to at-risk young women and men, ages 16 to 24, to prepare them for successful careers. Job Corps employs a holistic career development training approach which integrates the teaching of academic, vocational, employability skills and social competencies through a combination of classroom, practical and based learning experiences to prepare youth for stable, long-term, high-paying jobs.

The Skills Development Fund provides grants which assists businesses and labor unions by designing, financing, and implementing customized job training programs