Lockhart EDC Board of Directors

Board Members
Alan Fielder - Chairman
Morris Alexander - Director
Frank Estrada - Director
Alfredo Munoz - Director
Umesh Patel - Director
Dyral Thomas - Director

Sally Daniel - Director

Steve Lewis - LEDC President
Pam Larison - Vice President 
Pam Larison - Treasurer
Mike Kamerlander - Economic Development Director
Mike Kamerlander - Secretary
Marissa Cooney - Economic Development Specialist




The Corporation is incorporated for the purposes set forth in Article Four of its Articles of Incorporation, the same to be accomplished on behalf of the City of Lockhart, Texas (the "City") as its duly constituted authority and instrumentality in accordance with the Development Corporation Act of 1979, as amended, Article 5190.6, Vernon's Ann. Civ. St., as amended, (the "Act"), and other applicable laws.