9,000+ Square Foot Healthcare Center Provides New Medical Access to Rapidly Growing Lockhart, Creates 40 Jobs

December 13, 2017
For Immediate Release
9,000+ Square Foot Healthcare Center Provides New Medical Access to Rapidly Growing Lockhart, Creates 40 Jobs
Lockhart, Tex. – Lockhart Emergency Care Center (LECC) has announced it will build a 9,182-square foot facility for emergency care services and urgent care on two acres in Lockhart, Texas. LECC expects to hire over 40 employees for jobs ranging from doctors and nurses to medical technicians and administrated staff, together averaging annual wages at $60,000 per year. The facility is located at the northeast corner of Borchert Loop and City Line Road; an address has not yet been assigned.
Caldwell County and City of Lockhart entered into Chapter 380 and 381 Agreements in mid-November 2017. These agreements are performance-based and subject to the terms of the contracts. The County and City are providing 75 percent of the Real Property Taxes and the Business Personal Property Taxes generated by the Business on the Land for 10 years.  The total County and City property tax rebates shall not be more than $265,785 and $230,733 respectively over the 10-year term.
“There is a need for more access to healthcare in Lockhart and Caldwell County,” said Caldwell County Judge Ken Schawe. “Currently, Lockhart residents have great but limited options, especially during minor emergencies. This clinic will be a tremendous service to our citizens.”
“Having strong and diverse healthcare options is a critical component to bolstering an area’s economy as people need to know where they can be treated and cared for when looking to relocate,” said Mayor Lew White. “We welcome the Lockhart Emergency Care Center to the community and look forward to the vital role LECC will play in our growing community.”
In order to receive the County incentives, LECC must invest more than $5.8 million and create at least 39 jobs over the 10-year term. City incentives are contingent upon LECC maintaining up to 30 new full-time equivalent jobs with an average wage of $60,000 a year over the 10-year term.
The City of Lockhart also adopted a resolution authorizing a Lockhart Economic Development Corporation Performance Agreement providing $393,000 to Lockhart Care Center, LLC. Funds from the LEDC Performance Agreement will help cover LECC building costs, including construction and infrastructure development.
While LECC will use two acres for the center, the LECC purchased 16-acres for future projects.
About Lockhart Economic Development Corporation
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