Quality of Life

Public Parks, Recreation, and Culture
Public Parks 7
Public Swimming Pools 2
Football / Soccer / Baseball Fields 10
Golf Courses 1
Cinemas 1 (6 screens)
Public Libraries 1
Theatres 1
Museums / Galleries 2
Churches 31

The population in Lockhart continues to grow As a city, population rose 35.4% from 1994 to 2003, and has been estimated to have welcomed another 1500 new residents in the last 5 years. Caldwell County is taking second only to Travis County in the greatest number of new residents migrating from out of state. The Lockhart Planning Commission has developed a statement of its own views as the city breaks into the 21st century, and an ideal foresight of the future based on the community’s values. Lockhart’s Vision is:

  • To be a first-class community that has maintained its integrity and sense of community…
  • To create a positive community, through the development of new neighborhoods served by parks and open space…
  • To be a City that focuses on family by ensuring quality recreational activities
  • To be a city recognized for, “The integration of the natural landscape throughout the community…”

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2020 Thoroughfare Plan: MAP