Growth & Investment

Lockhart is the county seat and largest city in Caldwell County, a central Texas county near Austin that has experienced a substantial 28% job growth over the past decade. This growth rate is above all benchmarks except the Austin Metro which experienced a 44.7% increase in employment. The City's growth has been stronger in the last five years, adding approximately 700 jobs, an increase of 16% since 2017. Once again, this rate is second only to the Austin Metro and four times that of the United States as a whole.

Wages for Lockhart and Caldwell County continue to rise with the new job growth.

Our job and wage growth paired with some of the Austin region’s most affordable land costs and our dedication to funding Lockhart’s growth through our Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), which has included the addition of a new water tower, water lines, and further investments in local infrastructure, make Lockhart a great place for businesses to thrive and for residents to put down roots.