A Growing Community

Given the centralized Location of Lockhart, employers are able to draw on talent not only from Lockhart, but from the vast labor pool of the surrounding Austin MSA as well.

"As the region has grown, so have the number of employees who commute into Lockhart, with employment in Lockhart’s 30-minute Drive Time projected to expand by 27,221 over the next five years."
- Garner Economics Study, July 2020

Our workers come from varied backgrounds, with educational attainment ranging from unskilled laborers to highly trained and educated individuals hailing from the many technical schools, community colleges, and major universities of the local region and state. 

Available Workforce Within A 45-Mile Radius

Drive-Time Analysis (45-Minute)

Average Annual Wage
Colleges and Universities (Within 45 Miles)
Students Enrolled (Within 50 Miles)

Lockhart’s highly affordable cost-of-living and friendly, small-town lifestyle and atmosphere are highly attractive to potential employees. Over the years, the population of Lockhart has steadily grown, with many of our residents currently commuting outside the city for work. This increase in population and available workforce make Lockhart a great place for new companies to settle down and for existing businesses to expand.

Population Growth, 2011 - 2021
Caldwell County