Downtown Revitalization

A Striking Transformation - A Small-Town Renaissance 

Lockhart, the county seat of Caldwell County, is a beautiful central-Texas city with a vibrant downtown. Our well-known courthouse, located in the center of the downtown square and completed in 1894, has often been ranked as one of the prettiest in Texas and has also been featured in various films. Near the square and historic storefronts of downtown is the Dr. Eugene Clark Library, which opened its doors in 1900 and holds the title as the oldest continuously running library in Texas, along with numerous historical homes, which attract both residents and visitors.

Downtown Lockhart

Lockhart’s remarkable architecture, long Texas history, affordability, and relaxed, small-town vibe have drawn in an influx of individuals and families over the recent years, many of whom were Austin residents tired of the soaring real estate prices and expensive economic burden that come with life in the big city. As they fled the metro, they brought with them their sense of entrepreneurism, the diverse food and beverage tastes of the city, and a passion for the small-town, downtown lifestyle and opportunity that Lockhart offers through a much lower cost of living.

Both incoming and established businesses have helped our downtown thrive and become the vibrant scene that it is today. From establishments such as The Pearl, a local bar owned by Ronda Regan, a seventh generation Texan and real estate agent with deep roots in Caldwell County and the many barbecue restaurants that have been here for generations, to the hip pizzaria, Loop and Lil’s, owned by Richard and Miranda Platt, who moved to Lockhart from Austin in 2015, there’s room for all types of businesses in Lockhart, and we are devoted to their success. 

Our EDC’s strong partnership with the Lockhart Chamber of Commerce has helped many new entrepreneurs establish their business and presence and has retained our long-term businesses. The city’s assistance combined with residents’ interests in seeing our community grow have been a major catalyst in Lockhart’s downtown revitalization. At the EDC, we make an ongoing effort to reach out to companies that we feel are a good fit for our community and help these and our current businesses in any way we can. 

Funding for Downtown Improvements

Through the BIG grant and the Historical Commission, the city and EDC have the ability to provide funds to improve the appearance of our downtown businesses and buildings. Funds from the BIG grant give technical and financial assistance to property and business owners for cosmetic and safety upgrades, such as renovating or restoring exterior facades and existing signage and improving lighting and life-safety systems. We are also currently investing in improving our downtown with $4 million dollars dedicated to drainage improvements.