Iron Ox, Inc. selected Lockhart for its flagship greenhouse in 2020 after looking at a number of locations in the Austin-San Antonio corridor.  Lockhart's location between Austin and San Antonio and close proximity to Houston made the site a logical choice for the location of its facility.

Iron Ox, Inc. has changed its corporate name and identity to Inevitable Tech Inc. to reflect a significant change in our business model that is better suited to current market conditions. Previously, Iron Ox had a "seed to shelf" business model, which would have required a long tech development timeline and continued availability of investment capital. We have shifted our business model to becoming an agricultural technology provider, and maintaining our headquarters in Lockhart, Texas. Our new business model requires less investment capital and allows Inevitable to achieve revenues more quickly, accelerating our becoming a self-sustaining, profitable business. 

Our first tech product is our Clean Propagation Technology that enables extremely high-quality seedling production. We’ve received strong market signal already, and some highlights are below:

  • Controlled Environment Ag (CEA) Seedlings: We have entered into a partnership agreement with a large US CEA player to supply seedlings and have successfully developed seedling specifications for this customer. Production trials have kicked off, targeting first deliveries in August and September 2023

  • Open Field Seedlings: We successfully delivered 3,500 seedlings to our first open field customer. We offer a diverse range of 108 seedling varieties, from fruiting crops to root vegetables and more, that are undergoing trials or are ready for sale from our Lockhart production facility. We are targeting eight additional new regional customers in or near Texas by the end of Q3 2023

  • Clean Prop Technology: Installed only three weeks ago at a large grower/customer in California, our Clean Propagation system - a unit that is about the size of a school bus - has already delivered remarkable results during the trial period, achieving an impressive increase in annualized yield with reduced crop cycle times. This customer is very interested in further partnering with Inevitable for propagation support.